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to satisfy the needs of our clients, and to turn their expectations to reality.

Our warehouses are located in the heart of Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, and employs qualified personnel who fully satisfy requests both in the civil, private and industrial sectors.

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Toffoli serramenti carpenteria leggera metallica udine

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Toffoli serramenti carpenteria leggera metallica udine
Toffoli serramenti carpenteria leggera metallica udine
Toffoli serramenti carpenteria leggera metallica udine

“Every company's greatest assets are its customers, because without customers there is no company.”

(Michael LeBoeuf)

We are known to our clients for being punctual, taking the job seriously and delivering quality work. Our clients come from numerous industrial sectors, like: interior design retailers, electromechanical and electrotechnical service, agriculture and food industry, petroleum business, healthcare, audio/video industry, and artistry.


  • We were looking for parapets in Trieste, Igor helped us find the best solution for our needs and the finished work is truly exceptional.
  • Toffoli serramenti was the right choice. We wanted to create minimal windows, given the style of our home in Lignano. I can say that the final result is extraordinarily beautiful!
  • We were looking for fixtures, following a renovation of a second home in Moruzzo. Igor is truly reliable, he respected the installation times which were fundamental for us.
  • Initially, making a glass floor seemed like a pipe dream, but thanks to Igor Toffoli we succeeded!
  • I wanted to make a carpentry staircase, my ideas were particular, the design was really fundamental for us. Toffoli guided us from design to construction. A really well done job!
  • Igor Toffoli assembled the fixtures of my new home in Pordenone, from the first moment I understood how helpful and friendly they were and I realized that choosing them would be the right choice.

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